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Postitus Postitas Kytt » 24 Juun 2014 14:26

Tuli mulle siis selline mail:

Dear Lada Friends

It 2014 and again the time has come to invite You to this year's national, but since last year has increased Iternational Lada Meeting in Soltvadkert, which is arranged between 22-24 August this year.

Those who were there last year, they already will be familiar with the location and the atmosphere! Please tell it the ones who stayed at home, that's what was this real Lada party about in Hungary. Everyone, but especially those who first come / would come with some important information about us and our meetings.

Lada Club Hungary is the biggest fan club of Lada in Hungary. Our club established in 2001, and now we have more than 2000 active members. Every year, we hold the biggest Hungarian Lada meeting in the last weekend of August, where more than 400 car (every type of Lada) and more than 1000 of Lada fans are meet up together. Here you can find some pictures about the recent years meetings: http://www.ladaclubhungary.hu/galeria

In 2013, we organized Hungary's first International Lada Meeting! It was on 23-25 August 2013 at Soltvadkert, lake Vadkerti. There were so many foreign Lada clubs, fans and his marvelous cars there (including but not limited to Finnland, Estonia, Latvia, Slovakia etc.) The atmosphere was great, everyone had left good impressions after a three-day party. Of course, produced images and video as well, you can watch them on the following link:

The gallery: http://www.ladaclubhungary.hu/gallery/s ... da-meeting

The video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6aC7HYPROQY

Some information for this years meeting:

• The date: 22-24 August 2014.

• Location: The meeting will be in the center of Hungary at a beautiful lake called Vadkerti, which is near to the Soltvadkert city. All of us will be in a very nice camping, so don't forget to put your tents to the car (or grab a Hungarian girl and sleep with her). The camping has clean showers, fire place, and its very shady.

• Admission price for the entire weekend for 1 person (includes accommodation at the camp, in tents, car entry, beach access) approx. 15 Euro

• Some programs as a taster: Lada limbo, team competitions, tire smoke, concert, football cup

• The detailed program issue is still on progress

If you need any other information, or have any question, feel free to contact us!

Best regards,

Lada Club Hungary

www.ladameeting.com (still last meetings information)



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Postitus Postitas olaaf » 24 Juun 2014 19:55

Männiku laiali Garage
"90 percent of carb problems are ignition related.."

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Postitus Postitas ando » 21 Veebr 2016 21:40

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